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The Most Popular Comedian in China Comedy Central at Comic Con: Goodbye Comic-Con! I Will Miss You!
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The first season of Community is being released to DVD in September and will come packaged with a 12-page Kickpuncher comic book. Kickpuncher originally appeared as a short film created by Abed and Troy (played by Danny Pudi and Donald Glover, respectively) about a cyborg cop whose "punches have the power of kicks."

Things promise to get very meta with the release of the Kickpuncher comic. While the comic book is written by series creator Dan Harmon, and illustrated both in the Community world and in the real world by real-life comic artist Jim Mahfood (who illustrated the Clerks comic and the Mixtape art books), the fictional story behind the comic is that it was written by Troy, who just happened to take art classes with the real world Jim.

Confused yet? Because I am, but all we really have to know is that Kickpuncher will include scantily clad ladies in peril, great artwork and plenty of kickpunching action.

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