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Tworld News, Or Everything I Need to Know About Anything I Learned from Comedians' Tweets Colbert's Best Star Wars Moments
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When The Daily Show said it was going out for a pack of cigarettes two weeks ago, we tried to be brave, but when it hugged us a little too tight and told us that Jason Jones was going to need us to be the host around the house from now on, most of us knew deep down that it would never return.

But wait a minute, what's that rounding the corner? Is that The Daily Show carrying a bushel of all-new episodes under its arm? And a bouquet of new guests? And a puppy?

Miracles do happen!

Monday, July 26

William Rosen – A historian whose latest book, "The Most Powerful Idea in the World," explains what made England fertile soil for the Industrial Revolution, other than a surplus of orphans and chimney soot.

Tuesday, July 27

Fareed Zakaria – Host of CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS" making his thirteenth appearance on The Daily Show, which ties him with John McCain for the set of steak knives.

Wednesday, July 28

Robert O'Connell – Author of "The Ghosts of Cannae," an analysis of the most influential battle in history, when Hannibal and the Punic Army elephant stomped Rome in the third century BCE.

Thursday, July 29

Liev Schreiber – An acclaimed stage and screen actor currently starring opposite Angelina Jolie in the espionage thriller Salt, who will explain why his name is not "Live Schreiber," despite Microsoft Word AutoCorrect's dogged insistence to the contrary.

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