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Things We Know About Patton Oswalt's New Book… Futurama Fanarama: Futurama Graffiti
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Moshe Kasher talks about his upcoming memoir, which sounds like it will be pretty fucked up. Next stop: Oprah! [Punchline]

Forty-five years ago, a female fan of Eddie Munster sent a piece of fan mail to Butch Patrick. Forty-five years later, they are in love. This story is so heart-warming it's spoooooooky. [Yahoo News]

Carol Burnett will play Jane Lynch's mother in an episode of Glee. I've never seen Glee, but apparently her character will be a Nazi hunter? Is Glee about singing Nazi hunters? Because if it isn't, I have an idea for a new show. [EW]

It's that time of the year again. SNL is taking requests for show tickets for the upcoming season. Click through and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the instructions. [NBC]

As you've probably already seen (or maybe you haven't because aren't a king of the internet like me), Paul Rudd was a DJ at a Bar Mitzvah back before he was famous. [Best Week Ever]

Michael Cera almost died once climbing the mountains of Denver. He found the will to live when he realized there was a world outside of Denver. [Gawker]

While it was already somewhat known that UCB New York was creating a second theater space tailored for stand-up, there was a bit more confirmation at the Del Close Marathon. The PIT also announced it was expanding as well. [Comic's Comic]



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