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Who Doesn't Have a Job Now? Will Forte Edition! Real Stay Puft Marshmallows? Yes, Have Some
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Jimmy Fallon was on America's Got Talent last night and he pulled a few classic impersonations out of his pocket. Not even the token British guy who probably has people write mean things for him to say had mean things written for him! [Hulu]

Do you want to read an article about how elusive and eccentric Bill Murray can be? If you said no, get off my internet! [EW]

Chris Gethard talks about The Chris Gethard Show, teaching improv and the things he finds funny, "I have always found sad people and tragedy funny." [The Apiary]

What kind of audiences does Mike DeStefano like? Anyone who's been through hell and has or is overcoming it. [Punchline]

Bo Burnham seems to be the toast of the town over at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is a contender for Foster's Comedy Award. USA! USA! [BBC]

David Letterman is going to appear on The View for the first time, which will be the most absurd thing he's has ever done on television. [Movie Line]

Mike Sacks has some tips for comedy writers, although, you could argue that And Here's the Kicker was already just a giant book of tips. [The Apiary]

Legally speaking, what can and cannot Conan say if he wins an Emmy for The Tonight Show? He can say anything as long as it's not "false." So he can't say, "I was treated fairly and the total affair was managed very well," but he can say, "I'm now as rich as Jesus!"  [THR]



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