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Colbert on the Mystery of King Tut's Penis Before They Get Stale: The State, Adam Sandler and Jason Schwartzman
by | comments:

Many funny people aren't getting paid to be funny, but are instead getting paid to be security guards. So I am always a big fan of funny people getting paid to be funny. As the Comic's Comic reports, Hannibal Buress and Chelsea Peretti both got new jobs on NBC sitcoms…

Hannibal Buress has left the writing staff of Saturday Night Live inside 30 Rockefeller Plaza to write for NBC's 30 Rock, while Chelsea Peretti started work Monday as a writer on NBC's Parks and Recreation.

Hannibal worked on SNL ever since he was handpicked after an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon back in August 2009. Chelsea was a writer on The Sarah Silverman Program and also helped develop the pilot for a TV version of WTF with Marc Maron.

If you're wondering how SNL plans to fill the Hannibal-shaped void, over the summer they made two new hires. We've already mentioned that Second City's Shelly Gossman landed the gig, but now we have word that Tom Flannigan, another Second City member, has been brought on board as an SNL writer.

Now, let's move from the small screen to the other small screen. Popular blog for blog writers, The Awl, just announced it would be launching a new comedy website, and Gizomodo writer and UCB improviser Adam Frucci is leading the charge

I'm starting a new website called Splitsider with the guys behind The Awl. It's going to be a blog that focuses on comedy, one of my biggest passions, and I'm very, very excited about it. It's launching soon, and I hope you'll come check it out. You can follow the Splitsider Twitter account for updates on it and details on the launch.

Congrats to everyone! You all deserve to take yourselves out for ice cream. And to pay for it yourselves, like the ADULTS WITH JOBS you are now! You will not be sad reminders of the downward spiral of our dying nation at least for another TV season!

Also, I was thinking of following this post up with a post called Who Doesn't Have a Job and it would just be "9.5% of American's labor force." SOCIAL COMMENTARY!



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