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Colbert: Taxi Stabber Is Sullying Bigotry Before They Get Stale: Jimmy Fallon, Bo Burnham and Chris Gethard
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Yesterday, we brought you news about a bunch of people who recently became gainfully employed. Today, we bring you news about people who are currently skimming the classifieds (do those still even exist?)

Will Forte has been a member of one of the stronger SNL casts in recent memory. He's created memorable characters like MacGruber, The Falconer and Senator Tim Calhoun, and has even spun his characters off into films. But, after eight years as a reliable cast-member, Will Forte has decided to mozy along into the sunset

Will Forte, the longtime “Saturday Night Live” cast member who portrayed that incompetent adventurer, among a wealth of other eccentric characters, will not be returning to “S.N.L.” when the NBC late-night sketch series begins its 36th season in the fall…

While the announcement is not official, the report comes from the New York Times, and they are a legitimate news source, with journalists and notepads and this hat, so let's take their word for it.

Eight years as an SNL cast member is nothing to sneeze at. As many past SNL alums have stated, there comes a point where you have to make the jump forward and leave the dream job and that time has just come for Will Forte.

Word is Will Forte left amicably to pursue other projects. Even though MacGruber and The Brothers Solomon did not do too well at the office of box (box office?), he's been in a number of other films. He also voices a recurring character on The Cleveland Show. The man will be fine!

In related news, 9.5% of America's labor force still doesn't have a job. I hope their agents and managers are all on it!

After the jump, I've embedded one of the weirdest SNL sketches in recent memory, starring Will Forte.



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