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Doug Benson Is a Hypocritical Oaf Tworld News: Week of August 23, 2010
by | comments:

Marc Maron continues his hot streak of high profile comedy interviews on WTF with Marc Maron, this time nabbing Judd effin' Apatow. [WTF]

Spinal Tap's Harry Shearer directed a real documentary about serious things, "You know, there is this rule in satire that you end up being what you make fun of." [Premiere]

Jon Glaser has tips for staying cool even when you're always wearing a ski mask. [Asylum via Comic's Comic]

Here's a pretty great article about what the Mystery Science Theater 3000 folks are up to these days. [TIME]

Are both Jon Hamm and Paul Giamatti set to appear on the live episode of 30 Rock? Do you guys believe in magic? The answer to both is yes, btw. [EW]

Chris Hardwick talks about the time he was eleven and a thirteen year old girl tried to make out with him and he cried. [Punchline]

What happens when the reason people hate Williamsburg incarnate heckles Hannibal Buress during his show at the Knitting Factory? This. This is what happens. [Vimeo]

Betty White is going to be interviewed on Inside the Actor's Studio this fall. If it's rated high enough, James Lipton will further cater to the internet's interests by interviewing a cat sitting on a roomba. [Pop Crunch]



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