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Eddie Pepitone Has Attention Deficit Disord– Oooh, Look, a Shiny Nickel! Futurama Fanarama: Prisoner of Benda Visual Breakdown
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Russell Kane took the top comedy prize at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Best comedy newcomer went to Roison Conaty, and the Spirit of the Fringe award went to Bo Burnham. [Reuters]

Right after the award, Bo Burnham was seemingly accosted by a crazed kind-of-rude old lady interviewer with a camera crew. She takes an unnecessary potshot at Russell Kane. Man, England is weird! [STV]

Not a lot of people know about Jewel and Sarah Palin's band Sarah Barracuda and the Jewel. But then again, at one point, not a lot of people knew about a little band called The Banana Splits and look at them now! They are so famous! [Funny or Die]

Colin Quinn talks about his new one man show directed by Jerry Seinfeld, "I figured [Jerry] would just put his name on it and come to a couple of rehearsals, but he was getting onstage and really directing." [The AV Club]

Margaret Cho joins Bristol Palin and Florence Henderson on this season of Dancing with the Stars. No offense to any of these ladies, but dancing is for the birds. [Examiner]

Doug Benson has some advice for newer stand ups, "New comics, if you're gonna walk off in a show, don't put the mic back in the stand and walk off. Drop it." [Punchline]



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