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Before They Get Stale: Bo Burnham, Colin Quinn and Margaret Cho The Big Lake Guys Discuss Super Powers
by | comments:

People like to say Mad Men is the smartest show on TV, but how much math and physics do you see on there? Apart from the time Pete Campbell was simultaneously dead and alive inside a sealed box, there's almost none. Now, Futurama, that is a smart damn show. For this season's episode, "Prisoner of Benda", writer Ken Keeler (who has a Phd in math from Harvard) created an entirely new theorem! I don't even know what a theorem is! Moreover, the episode's brain-switching fiasco was so complicated, a resourceful Reddit user saw fit to take it upon himself to make an infographic breaking it all down. (click the image for the full original)

Futurama's 100th episode airs Thursday at 10pm / 9c.



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