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Joe Mande Stages Glenn Beck's The Overton Window The Daily Show on the Kind-of-Near-Ground-Zero Not-Quite-Mosque
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He just caused a big splash at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and now Bo Burnham just landed a pilot deal with MTV. And the goddamned beatnik still doesn't have the decency to get a haircut?! Does he want people to think he's a draft dodger? [Variety]

Norm Macdonald on being difficult when it comes to comedy, "A lot of people are in it to make money, and coming from stand-up, you have to work hard because almost nothing works… If you lose the audience for three minutes, you’re dead." [NYT]

What will Mad Men look like in its tenth season when it hits the 70's? Trevor Williams, of The Whitest Kids 'U Know, wrote this sketch that answers that question. [Babelgum]

Good news, everyone! The cast and crew of Futurama shared their favorite moments from the first one hundred episodes. [Wired]

Stand up Wil Sylvince was in this short boxing film for HBO. It's not funny. In fact, it's quite dramatic. It's already inspired me to become a boxer. Is there a boxing category below lightweight? [Comic's Comic]

Paul Lieberstein, who plays Toby on The Office, seems to be stirring up some rumors of late, "Maybe when the series is done we'd do an Office movie. I'd be up for that…" [E!]

I already brought you the news that Ochi's Lounge in New York shut down. Christian Finnegan wrote a really nice eulogy to the comedy staple. Break out the tissues, NY comedy nerds! [Facebook]

That SNL documentary James Franco shot found a distributor. Also, did you know James Franco masturbates a lot. Yeah, we didn't need to know that either. Thanks, interview! [THR]



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