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Ever since the campaign began a couple weeks ago to convince Stephen Colbert to hold a big rally in DC, the internet has been hard at work trying to get his attention. On last night's show, Stephen mentioned the Facebook group and website as well as the fake geese and real doves that have been sent to him. It's pretty cool, but if the internet is so busy with all that, who is photoshopping sad Keanu Reeves onto things?

With all due respect to the goose mailers and dove releasers, my favorite stunt is one that has only materialized in the past day. Some Redditors (it's always the Redditors, isn't it?) decided to put their e-money where their iMouths are by drumming up contibutions to Donors Choose, one of Stephen's favorite charities. With an initial goal of surpassing Hillary Clinton's group's total of $29,945 in one week, the Restoring Truthiness group has raised over $100,000 in just 18 hours!

See, internet, this is what happens when you put your hive mind to doing something good, instead of just photoshopping sad Don Draper onto things.

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