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Kristen Schaal and Rich Blomquist In a Sexy Video of Sexy Sex Countdown to Ugly Americans: Sex Shop and Zombie Prostitutes
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Christopher Guest's new mockumentary will explore the world of retro collecting. I really hope there's one character in there who collects Waiting for Guffman memorabilia. [MTV Movies]

Tom McCaffrey recruits Rob Cantrell for a new rap about being a thirty-something. Also, heads up, Tom has a release party for his new album, Get Rich or Move Back in With My Dad, this Sunday at Pianos at 8pm. [Atom]

Marc Maron talked to Adam Lustick, of Harvard Sailing Team, about his amazing podcast WTF with Marc Maron and more in this video interview. [Jewcy]

Comedian April Richardson does a pitch perfect impersonation of internet "comedian" Daniel Songer. I love this so much, I give it a gazillion thumbs up. [April's YouTube]

Our friends over at Punchline are celebrating their five year anniversary with some jam-packed shows in New York and LA. The NY one includes Todd Barry and Michael Ian Black. The LA one Marc Maron and Maria Bamford. Check it out! [Punchline]

Dan Harmon on foregoing flashbacks, cut-aways or mockumentary formats, "But by the time [Community] came into that arena, to me, it wasn’t an option to do that stuff and have any kind of dignity because everyone else was already doing it." [AV Club]

How did the creators of Parks and Recreation create Nick Offerman's character Ron Swanson? This photo essay reveals the hairy, smelly truth. [NY Mag]

Chevy Chase talks about SNL, "I looked right through that lens and imagined the faces of the seven funniest people I knew. It never occurred to me that millions of people were watching. What I did was just for the eight of us…" [Esquire]



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