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If This Is What The Simpsons Writers Cut Out, What They Left In Must Be Pure Gold! #SuperLateFunTime
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As we've mentioned here before, it seems as if Mitch Hurwitz is having trouble working in the shadow of Arrested Development, "We’re [Running Wilde] being compared to Arrested, which I always thought would be used against someone else and not me." [AV Club]

MAD Magazine's Al Jaffee has been moonlighting for The Moshiach Times, chronicling the adventures of a spy named Shpy, since 1984? Internet, you really let us down by not telling us about this sooner. [NY Times]

Jenny Slate drops by Masterclash to talk about threesomes and their impact on the global economy. [Asylum]

Judah Friedlander's new book How to Beat Up Anybody dropped today. I'm so on the inside, I get to use words like "dropped" on a daily basis and not feel bad about myself. [Amazon]

John Landis returns to feature films with a new horror comedy starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis. The trailer dropped today. DOUBLE POINTS! [Pop Culture Brain]

Here are some facts: Tom Green is starting his first podcast. Tonight is the live taping. Bill Burr is in the first episode. It's being taped at Kevin Smith's Smodcastle. It's in LA tonight at 8pm and you can still buy tickets. [Smodcastle]

Rob Cantrell has a rap about laundry, the single most exciting and badass rap subject of all time. [YouTube]



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