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Speak Up, Chip Eaters Futurama Fanarama: Futurama Wedding Cake
by | comments:

Just a few days ago, up and coming New York comedian Doug Smith did something truly heroic. In the 2nd Avenue station, he saw a woman being accosted by a man possibly attempting to sexually assault her. Doug stepped in to help, and the attacker took a box-cutter to his face. Doug now has 25 stitches across his face.

Doug is a funny man and an important part of the alt-New York comedy scene. Additionally, he is a huge fucking hero.

Doug and fellow comic Jessica Watkins run a show called One Trick Pony the second Wednesday of every month. Tonight, at 9pm, Doug may or may not show up (he is getting his stitches removed today), but regardless, the event will become a bit of an impromptu fundraiser to help him pay for his medical bills. Not only will it be a fundraiser, but it will also be a great show. Here's the line-up:

Joe DeRosa (Comedy Central Presents)
Dan St. Germain (The Onion)
Sheng Wang (Live at Gotham)
James Harris (Grab Ass)
Annie Lederman (Living It Up at Life Cafe)

As most of you know, being a comic in New York doesn't come with health insurance, so Doug could use the money. I don't really like to plug some shows over others on here, but I think we can all agree that doing our part to support a young comedian who is not only hilarious and promising, but A FUCKING HERO, is the least we can do.

The show takes place tonight at 9pm at Mr. Dennehy's (63 Carmine St. @ 7th Ave). It's free, but please donate whatever you can to help Doug out. See you there!



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