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Stephen Colbert Walks Off The View Before They Get Stale: Demetri Martin, Mike Birbiglia and Keith Alberstadt
by | comments:

UCB-er Aaron Glaser wrote and directed this political ad parody starring 30 Rock's Sue Galloway as an Anarchist mayoral candidate from Indianapolis. An anarchist politician would probably come up with crazy laws designed to undermine and eradicate our delicately balanced system. In other words, they'd cause far less damage than the average politician.

What's funny is if she was actually running in these midterm elections, she wouldn't even be thaaat fringe compared to all the crazy witch virgins and Yosemite Sam street preachers campaigning this year. If you really want to be fringe these days, you have to sacrifice a baby to your goat god while proposing we send all Muslims to the planet Muslamia on a rocket ship fueled by blood diamonds.

[via Splitsider]



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