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South Park Takes on Costumed Heroes Again: The Return Colbert Case Files: Papa Bear
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Jon Stewart: Game Changer! At least according to Bloomberg news service. They also call him the "Mark Twain of the digital age." A very nice bio of Jon! [Bloomberg]

This movie looks interesting. Musical comedian Henry Phillips stars in this independent film about a struggling comic. It features cameos by a bunch of comedians. It's running at the Quad Cinema in New York. [Comic's Comic]

In this excerpt from Sleepwalk with Me, Mike Birbiglia writes about losing his make-out virginity, "Since my parents never gave me a sex talk, all I knew was that sex had something to do with swimming." [Salon]

What? Another excerpt from that same book? This one is about the loss of Mitch Hedberg "Mitch was onstage and in the middle of his set he said, 'Oh no, I got to go to the bathroom. Can someone come onstage and tell a joke?'" [Splitsider]

The new episode of Stay At Home Dad will help keep you a Stay On Internet Lazy Person. Watch it after the jump. [Atom]

Here's the interview with the demon from Paranormal Activity 2 to end all interviews with the demon from Paranormal Activity 2. [NextMovie]

Remember when The Hangover came in, quietly built buzz, and went on to become a surprise hit? If the whole Mel Gibson fiasco taught us anything, it's that the sequel is already dealing with big expectations. Liam Neeson just signed on to replace Mel. [Slash Film]

Nick Swardson talks about the freedom to be as crazy as he wants on Pretend Time, "They wanted someone to come in and make it crazier, and I said that's what I would do." [The Rotunda]



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