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Comedy Central Presents Season 15 Preview: Part III Before They Get Stale: Judd Apatow, Alec Baldwin and Chris Pratt
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In the past week, we've heard of Demetri Martin and Whitney Cummings getting sitcom deals. I guess something is in the air, because Patton Oswalt now has something set up of his own. Better yet, he's recruited Scott Aukerman to help him develop it.

Vulture hears that Fox is developing a half-hour single-camera comedy series as a showcase for Oswalt's on- and off-camera skills. Oswalt has teamed with former Mr. Show writer Scott Aukerman to write and executive produce a comedy series in which Oswalt would star as a man whose wife of 20 years splits, forcing him to re-enter the dating world and fend for himself.

Sounds great! Some of you may remember that Patton had a hiccup or two picking his next project after his incredible performance in Big Fan. His Broadway debut ended up hitting the skids and he was hired and then fired from a co-starring role with Matthew Broderick in the pilot Beach Lane (that never became a TV series anyway). So here's hoping the third time's the charm for Patton, because if anyone deserves to be on TV regularly, it's him.

Scott Aukerman runs the stand-up showcase Comedy Death Ray out of the UCB LA and hosts the popular podcast of the same name. He wrote for Mr. Show and several other scripts for movies and television series over the years (as well as being a prime creative force behind Between Two Ferns). Teaming him up with Patton is a great idea, and I'm sure whatever they create together will be fun and interesting. Fingers crossed on it going to series!



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