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Here Are Those South Park Dolls You Were Looking For Rob Cantrell Addresses the Troops Prior to the Battle of Prop 19
by | comments:

Gee, people are really making a big deal about the midterm elections. I don't get it. I spent all my political energy back when I helped elect THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT! Get off my back! You think I care that the outcome of this midterm election may decide whether or not THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT has an effective presidency? What I do care about though, is that a lot of comedians posted some funny election parody videos. Here are the Sklar Brothers for Prop 19.

There are more comedians jumping into the midterm election spirit. I've assembled a collection after the jump.

Aaron Glaser created the following two fake political ads with the fringiest of fringe candidates. Here's Kurt Braunohler running for fascist mayor (doesn't that just make him a libertarian?)

And here's Sue Galloway running for anarchist mayor (doesn't that just make her a libertarian?)

This Tea Party sure is something. What with their yelling and misspelled signs. They're almost more obnoxious than those LaRouche jerks. Zach Sims and Zach Broussard know what I'm talking about…

That one actually reminds me a little bit of this one from Indecision starring Dan St. Germain.

Finally, celebrities trying to get us to vote is nothing new. Funny celebrities trying to get us to vote is nothing new either. But still, they are famous! And they want us to do something! Let's all do it!

Notably absent from this round-up is Rob Cantrell's great video where he dresses as General Potton in support of Prop 19, which I didn't post here, because we already posted that shiiiiit! Happy voting, nerds!



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