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This video with Rob Huebel and Paul Rust contains more pipe puns than you can shake a pipe at. [Funny or Die]

Speaking of Rob Huebel, here's a video of him in a support group for Human Centipede survivors Steve Agee and Jon Daly. Also James Urbaniak is in it! Love that Dr. Venture voice. [Funny or Die]

Chris Kelly and Craig Rowin talk about writing for Matt Besser's This Show Will Get You High, airing tonight on Comedy Central at 4am / 3c! It's very funny, so screw sleeping and watch it! [UCB Blog]

Hannibal Buress talks about writing on 30 Rock, specifically the recent live episode, in this video interview. [Comic's Comic]

Were there gay people at the Rally for Sanity this weekend? Of course there were! There are gay people, like, just about everywhere, man. [365 Gay]

James Franco submitted a film to the Sundance Festival's New Frontier section titled Three's Company: The Drama. That show wasn't a drama? [Vulture]

There's a great deal of controversy surrounding the "electric cars are gay" joke from the trailer of The Dilemma, but Ron Howard wrote in defense of his decision to include it in the movie. [LA Times]

Waiting for an Arrested Development movie is getting to be Ghostbusters 3 types of ridiculous, but David Cross lights a faint light of hope, “I think it is [a] perfect continuance of the Bluths, although I cannot say anything. I know the outline is done.” [EW]



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