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Brett Gelman Is a Very Bad Therapist GuestBlogger: Dan St. Germain Has Some Things to Keep in Mind This Election Day
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David Cross on constantly being asked about Mr. Show and Arrested Development, "Look, ultimately, I much rather have people constantly…I mean, it’s a small price to pay to answer the same questions over and over again. I’m glad that people like it, and still like it." [Collider]

Sarah Silverman tells fans to lower their expectations for her upcoming nude scene in Take This Waltz, "In all honesty, I would say it's a lot closer to Kathy Bates in About Schmidt than, like, Julianne Moore in Short Cuts." [Vulture]

Next Monday, Bob Saget is hosting a scleroderma benefit at Carolines featuring comedy performances by Seth Meyers, Brian Regan, Jeffrey Ross, Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Williams. [Scleroderma Research Foundation]

Stand-up Joel Buxton wrote an interesting piece on the value of bombing. If there's any value to bombing at writing blog posts about bombing, he's really missing out. [Premise Punch Tag]

Just when you think you've seen everything from The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, someone uploads a video of a dude using his prosthetic leg to help a young girl climb a tree. [TPM]

And then, just when you think you've now seen everything from The Rally, here comes a photo from an Antarctic satellite rally. [Flickr via Reddit]

Comix will be roasting Jim Florentine tonight to raise money for Greg Giraldo's family. Roasters include Bonnie McFarlane and Jesse Joyce. [ComixNY]

Is Ghostbusters 3 starting production in May? Of course it is, right along with Back to the Future 4 and Short Circuit 6. Can't wait! [Splitsider]



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