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Tracy Morgan Offers Words of Wisdom Colbert on Obama's Expensive Trip to India
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Tina Fey talks about women in comedy, "I think in the small sampling of women I know, the act of doing comedy itself was the act of rebellion." She's receiving the Mark Twain Prize tonight! [Washington Post]

Greg Fitzsimmons will be performing at Carolines tonight in support of his new book, Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons. [Carolines]

Tim Allen sold a new sitcom to ABC about "a guy whose manhood is under siege in a world of women." I've been waiting for a sitcom set in Themyscira (and the award for geekiest possible reference goes too…) [Vulture]

David Wain, Hard 'N Phirm and others are developing shows and comedy pilots for IFC. David's sounds to me a bit like an animated Muppet Show, but probably dirtier, I imagine. [THR]

John DiMaggio, voice of Futurama's Bender, tells TMZ to bite his shiny metal ass. [TMZ]

Gabe and Jenny argue over whether Precious farts or not. [Vimeo]

Tracy Morgan can't help being Tracy Morgan, "Whenever I do stand-up, my goal, my aim is to make the cute girl in the front row fart. I want her to laugh so hard it burns. When we would do our thing and it smelled like marijuana and fart." [Vulture]



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