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Futurama's 12 Days of Xmas Countdown: Al Gore Design Potential Tickets in the 2012 Presidential Race
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Who better to interview Ryan Gosling than Steve Carell? [Interview]

Denzel Washington thinks Jay Pharoah's impersonation of him on SNL is very good. He didn't say much else about it though, because he had to go SAVE A TRAIN FULL OF CHILDREN! [Comic's Comic]

Larry the Cable Guy is in this commercial for NASA TV, raising the very important question, what is NASA TV? [YouTube]

Paramount says it is working on that Zoolander sequel. They should get on it before the ten year mark passes and someone makes the obligatory remake starring that kid who plays Fred. [Slash Film]

NPR just re-aired this 2004 interview with Paul Reubens, and I just love Pee Wee Herman so much, I wanted to point you guys to it even though it is technically like six years stale at this point. Some things never truly go stale! [NPR]

Jon Dore was the first comedian on Conan and it was great to see them go open that faucet with a very conceptual, very funny set. The ending is not something you see on late night TV too often. [TBS]

Paul Giamatti has joined the cast of The Hangover II. I hope he's playing Mike Tyson's tiger. [Deadline]



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