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Jon Stewart's Extended and Uncensored Interview with Jay-Z Before They Get Stale: Doug Stanhope, Reggie Watts and James Urbaniak
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John F. O'Donnell and James Adomian created a promo video for their Comix headlining show tonight (you should go, it's gonna be great!) and the video is very funny and it features very fun cameos. If there is one thing you love, it is fun cameos.

This City's Gonna Eat You Alive from Dead Ghost Films on Vimeo.

Oh, hello, Mr. Horatio Sanz. Have you lost weight? You look great. The video also features stand-up Annie Lederman and was directed by Zach Broussard.

After the jump, I posted some information about the two comics and their headlining sets tonight at Comix.

John F. O'Donnell is one of the more explosive comics in New York. On stage, he's like a tightly capped liter of soda filled with lit fireworks. He recently recorded his own album, Live From Outer Space, and is distributing it himself for free. The album does a great job of capturing John's stage presence as he talks about God, failure and inadequacy. Many comics are choosing to create and distribute their own content online, and the question that always come up is, "Well, if it's not coming out through a mainstream source, is it actually worth listening/watching?" In this case it totally is. What, are you going to listen to on your iPod? Queen? Listen to John instead! Details on the album here.

As for the two guys in the video, James Adomian recently appeared on this season of Last Comic Standing, played the role of George W. Bush in Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay and worked with the great LA-based sketch group, The Midnight Show. He's one of the few people who bases at least part of his act around impressions, but does so in a truly original and unique way. He's more or less found a way to make that style relevant and interesting again. He's really great!

If you want to check them out tonight, they'll be performing at Comix in New York at 9:30 pm tonight.



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