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Bob's Burgers Stars a Bunch of Funny People Play Barack, Paper, Scissors on Your Mobile Device
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David Zucker wrote a very nice and fitting tribute to his friend Leslie Nielsen, "Leslie was great in the role because he never 'winked' — let on that he knew he was in a comedy.┬áThis was essential to the style, and Leslie had a natural instinct for it." [THR]

Former Colbert Report head-writing honcho Allison Silverman had a great fiction piece published in the New Yorker. [New Yorker]

As Splitsider continues classic Simpsons week, Bill Oakley breaks down the season five episode Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song. He shares the pitch, the outline and the first draft too. [Splitsider]

Speaking of that show we were speaking of, as you may have heard, The Simpsons took two consecutive potshots at Fox News over the last two weeks. Al Jean explained the show's intentions as well as a few other details to a few outlets. [NY Times, THR]

A while back, I wondered why Jackie Chiles, a supporting character from Seinfeld, was back in web series form. The second episode doesn't really answer my questions, but it definitely does exist. [Funny or Die]

Conan O'Brien parodied those silly Taiwanese animated news segments on his show, which prompted them to create a video accusing him of being friends with Michael Jackson for some reason. [TBS]

If your beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy is to see a grandma read Kanye West's tweets, it's about to come true. [Funny or Die]



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