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Chris Gethard Gets Closer to His Christmas Wish of Getting Diddy on His Show Colbert's Best Railing Against Taxes Moments
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On the subject of the recent 92Y fiasco, Steve Martin chimes in, "I have been performing a long time, and I can tell when the audience’s attention is straying. I don't need a note…  if I could have sung my novel to a Broadway beat I would have." [NY Times]

In this College Humor video, Michael Ian Black is on fire. LITERALLY! I have no shame. FIGURATIVELY! [College Humor]

James L. Brooks talks about doing a new Simpsons movie, "It was a huge success and we're very open to it and we have a beginning notion if we want to do it, but the series always comes first with us. The series is always primary to us." [Coming Soon]

Kevin Avery is using Kickstarter to fund his short film Thugs, The Musical! He already has David Alan Grier, Margaret Cho, Baron Vaughn, W. Kamau Bell and Prodigal Sunn from Wu Tang Clan on board to star. Help him out! [Kickstarter]

Warner Brothers bought a pitch to be directed by Jay Roach, pairing up Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as political rivals. [Deadline]

In this video, Nick Turner, Livia Scott and Jason Saenz prove that telling your kid Santa isn't real can be fun, educational and cruel! Those are the three best things a thing can be! [Y0uTube]



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