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Matt Braunger in the Top Rope Finale Colbert Continues to Blow the Lid Off King Tut's Missing Penis
by | comments:

Last year it was Jay Leno. The year before it was Wanda Sykes and before that Craig Ferguson. Going back to 2006, Stephen Colbert infamously took the reins. This year, Seth Meyers has been chosen as the host the 2011 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.

The irony of Meyers's hosting the dinner, of course, is that he's been tapped by Washington reporters to perform before Washington reporters, even though it's those very Washington reporters whom he frequently skewers.

"Like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, he keeps with the theme of the Washington media loving the people who tease them the most," said Washingtonian magazine's Garrett Graff in reaction to the news.

I'm sure there will be comparisons to Colbert's amazing take down of the Bush administration all those many years ago (FIVE YEARS AGO! SO LONG AGO!), since Seth is also a political satirist of sorts. As Politico states…

But, while the gig is high on exposure, it's also high on risk: It's long been considered one of the toughest and most-scrutinized acts in the business…

The secret, it seems, is to fall somewhere in between the two extremes in order to please the picky crowd.

So have some fun at the president, but not in a truly meaningful or lasting way? Got it! Here are some of my submissions to get the ball rolling:

  • Barack Obama issued a televised speech the other day. I tried recording it, but my DVR kept going into sleep mode.
  • Sarah Palin just premiered her reality show. It's called The Biggest Quitter!
  • You know what the White House uses to keep Joe Biden from saying crazy things? Gaff tape! Too soon?"

Critics and scrutiny notwithstanding, It'll be interesting to see what Seth does with this tremendous opportunity to either please the president, or to take a few true shots at the most powerful man in America (who is not moot).



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