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The Daily Show's Best Toy Moments Michaela Watkins Is The World's Most Famous, Craziest Hand Model
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The final week of new Daily Shows in 2010 features four outstanding guests. Read about them now in the rest of this weblog posting!

Monday, December 13

Gordon Brown: Former prime minister of the U.K. whose new book about the financial crisis, Beyond the Crash, reinforces the widely-held expert opinion that the global economic meltdown was a pretty bad thing to have happen.

Tuesday, December 14

Ricky GervaisCreator of The Office, Extras and the Flanimals series of children's books, whose latest stand-up special, Out of England 2, strongly suggests that he is British.

Wednesday, December 15

Paul Rudd: Actor, comedian and friend-of-the-show whose latest movie is How Do You Know, a romantic comedy that you are already aware of if you live in a place that has billboards.

Thursday, December 16

Mike Huckabee: former Governor of Arkansas and Republican presidential candidate, current Fox News host and author of Can't Wait 'Till Christmas, the perfect gift for the young Christmas warrior in your family!

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