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Jessica Alba Has Never Worked with Courtney Cox Jon Stewart Dedicates Entire Show to 9/11 First Responders Bill
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Justin Timberlake has said a couple of times now that he'd like to join the cast of SNL for a season, and it sounds like he's serious. It would make him the first former *NSYNC member in the cast since Joe Piscopo. [Splitsider]

Speaking of SNL, Jim Carrey will be hosting the first new show of 2011 with musical guests The Black Keys. Surprisingly this will only be his second time hosting and the first time since 1996. Ride the snake! [THR]

Paul Feig's upcoming movie Bridesmaids is being touted as "the first genuine female comedy." Has everyone already forgotten about There Will Be Blood? [/film]

There's a new international trailer for Greg Mottola's sci-fi comedy Paul. Normally I don't like foreigner stuff, but I'll make an exception for this. [Videogum]

Journalist and 9/11 medic Eric Ortner sang Jon Stewart's praises for last night's Daily Show and criticized the media for ignoring the Zadroga bill, "It’s when the press was needed most, when sunlight truly could disinfect, and my colleagues just aren’t there." [Media Decoder]



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