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Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Keep the Dream of the 90s Alive in Portland The 5 Best Onion Sports Network Videos
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Tracy Morgan will miss at least two episodes of 30 Rock because he just underwent kidney transplant surgery. Get well soon, Tracy! Every other funny person, please take care of your kidneys! [EW]

If you haven't seen Scott Gairdner's 1982 TRON Holiday Special, stretch out your clicky finger and click on this clicky link. The fate of the [TRON computer reference] depends on it! [Funny or Die]

Donald Glover takes us around some of his favorite places in New York. Me? I'll stick to hot dog stands and hanging out with heroin addicts. [Black Book]

Wyatt Cenac, Mike Birbiglia, Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman, Julian McCullough and Dave Hill are all on This American Life's Comedians of Christmas Comedy Special. [This American Life]

Adam McKay talks about making Anchorman for his 14-year-old self and his intentions behind The Other Guys, "Laughter almost has to be subversive." [Comic's Comic]

Bryan Cranston talks about starring in the upcoming series The Handlers, "I do look for comedies, to be able to even-keel the whole spectrum of comedy and drama and hop between both." [NY Mag]

Craig Rowin still wants those million dollars he's asking the internet to please give him. You're petty gifts of $5000 checks do not satisfy his lofty goals. [UCB Comedy]



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