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Brett Gelman Wants You to Donate Used Underwear for the Underprivileged Mr. Tosh Goes to Washington
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Maria Bamford was on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Did I ever tell you about the time Maria Bamford was the best? Let me tell you now, Maria Bamford is the best. [Punchline Magazine]

Kristen Schaal was on Conan last night and she was very charming and funny and also CHECK OUT CONAN'S AWESOME CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! AWESOME! [Team Coco]

Jason Segel describes Five-Year Engagement, the next film he is writing, "It is a romantic comedy. Our goal is Annie Hall or When Harry Met Sally and if we get within their stratosphere of substance, we will be happy." [EW]

Jane Lynch will guest star in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. FUN FACT: The Simpsons is way older than some people who've murdered people. [ONTD]

Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black are the third duo to perform The Little Drummer Boy this holiday season. This is the second time Jack Black was one of the people involved. The world is going crazy! [LNwJF]

Here's a piece analyzing Jon Stewart's pivotal step in supporting the 9/11 First Responders Bill, "What Jon Stewart did was he literally shamed conventional media and the U.S. government into doing the right thing." [Slate]

An amazing AST board member compiled a list of every podcast in which Paul F. Tompkins has ever appeared. APPLAUSE! [AST via Sandpaper Suit]

Esquire Magazine columnist and former Daily Show correspondent Stacy Grenrock-Woods got into a heated argument with Aziz Ansari about tortillas. No, really. [Esquire]

Sean Crespo, Gabe McKinley and Carol Hartsell bring us the rarely seen sequel to A Christmas Carol, featuring 297 other ghosts! [YouTube]



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