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Ben Schwartz Is Still Making Terrible Decisions Stewart and Colbert React to Arizona Shootings
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Tina Fey may jump on Paul Weitz's upcoming comedy in the role of a Princeton admissions officer. Princeton is of course famous for being the university Will Smith got accepted into after solving a Rubik's Cube in that one Fresh Prince episode. [Variety]

Hannibal Buress was on Late Show with David Letterman last Friday and he was undeniably hilarious. So good! [Hannibal Buress]

Amy Poehler talks about her website Smart Girls at the Party, "My goal—my five-year plan—is for it to be the kind of site girls go to when they wake up in the morning. It would be like their HuffPo." [LA Times]

There are still tickets available for John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show taping January 14-16. There are some amazing comics on the line-up. It's going to be great! [Black List]

A while back, Conan visited the Warner Brothers animation studio and Bruce Timm helped him create the superhero alter-ego The Flaming C. Now he's been animated into a Young Justice cartoon. "That's not canon!" – Nerds.  [Team Coco]

I am sure Ron Howard and the rest of the Arrested Development crew are as tired of answering questions about the movie as I am about reading about how it's still going to happen. JUST MAKE IT! [MTV Movies]

Daily Show writer Daniel Radosh talks about the future of the show, "…I do know that Jon is not thinking “We had the best year we’re ever going to have,” he’s thinking, “What am I going to do next year that’s better?” [Full Stop]



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