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Jon Stewart's Extended and Uncensored Interview with Gov. Tim Pawlenty State Senator Jack Power Learns to Love Pink
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From the Tosh.0 blog

Most URL shorteners have the same problem: They have nothing to do with Justin Bieber.

Not intertwines Justin Bieber with your favorite website more gracefully than a duet with Ludacris.

I've already done you the favor of figuring out the Tosh.0 website's Biebified address.  It's

Now every time you visit the Tosh.0 blog, it'll be like gently embracing a 16-year-old boy.

[via The Daily What]

[UPDATE: Apparently, Biebify-ing is no more!  The site has been taken down due to some sort of legal action. I know it's tough, but try to keep it together.]

An all-new Tosh.0 airs next Tuesday at 10pm / 9c, followed by Onion SportsDome.



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