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Tracy Morgan to Star in First Dramatic Role Colbert Accuses Limbaugh of Ripping Off Ching Chong Ding Dong
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Mike Birbiglia will spend a week sleeping in a bed set up in a Macy's display window. Some people are seriously hardcore about promoting their books about sleepwalking. [MSN]

Bob Odenkirk took the time to draft his own Four Loko warning, pro bono (because in my mind, he is actually a lawyer like in Breaking Bad). [Vice Magazine]

Marc Maron was on Conan last night and he got Conan O'Brien to agree to appear on the WTF podcast. Maron is setting the bar really high for podcast guests. Who's he going to get next? Groucho Marx? Jesus? [Team Coco]

Ricky Gervais appeared on Piers Morgan's show where he defended his performance at the Golden Globes. He makes some really great points, stating he believes he did nothing wrong. [CNN]

Greg Fitzsimmons went on Lopez Tonight and talked about race, ethnicity and why Barack Obama is magic. [Lopez Tonight]

BREAKING: Here's a brief and interesting history of fake news. Wait a second… that's not breaking at all. I'm terrible at my job. [Flavorwire]

Stephen Merchant talks about Karl Pilkington, "People always think that it's bullying. Bullying, I always think there's a victim… He leaves exactly the same man as he was when he walked in." [TV Squad]



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