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Before They Get Stale: Jon Daly, Patton Oswalt and Mike Birbiglia This Week's Web Redemption: Ice Cream Truck Guy
by | comments:

I'm not a sports nerd, so I don't really have a strong opinion on the designated hitter rule and I mostly spend Super Bowl Sunday flipping between funny commercials and Puppy Bowl. And I'm not really a sci-fi nerd, so I don't have a favorite Enterprise captain, I've only seen the first LOTR movie and I think mentioning LOTR is relevant to this discussion even though it's fantasy, not sci-fi.

But, for better or worse, I am a comedy nerd, which means I love Bill Murray more than I love my children, I've seen Heat Vision & Jack, and my friends and I have had lengthy and heated discussions about the consistency of the Mom character on Louie. Louis CK himself addressed the issue in the comments of an AV Club review of the show's "God" episode, and he gets into it a little more in a new interview at Hit Fix. Oh, and he also takes credit for Sarah Palin's trip to Haiti!

By the way, I said something that I think is true, I wrote one Twitter that I said, please find me a picture of Sarah Palin with more than one black person because I couldn’t find one.  And then she went to Haiti a week later.  She threw together a trip to Haiti.  So I believe I made that happen.  So that’s positive.

You can and should read the whole interview over a HitFix.

[via Pop Culture Brain]



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