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The Daily Show on the Seven Deadly Sins: Anger Before They Get Stale: Russell Brand, Chris Elliott and Hari Kondabolu
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The 7th Annual ECNY Award nominations are out and fluttering about on the New York comedy interwebs. The show itself, sure to be a drunken fustercluck of NYC alt-comedy snuggling, takes place on March 14, 2011, at 8:30pm at 92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street and will be hosted for the fourth year in a row by Jon Friedman.

Fun fact: 30 Rock magic man Scott Adsit is one of the nominees!

The Emerging Comic Award
Adrienne Iapulucci
Ilana Glazer
Jared Logan
Mike Recine
Nick Turner
Paul W. Downs

Best Female Stand-up Comedian
Amy Schumer
Andrea Rosen
Brooke Van Poppelen
Marina Franklin
Sara Schaefer

Best Male Stand-up Comedian
Dan St. Germain
Kurt Braunohler
Mike Lawrence
Sean Patton
Ted Alexandro

Best One Person Show
Adam Wade – Originally from New Hampshire
Jon Friedman – Bear With Me
Pam Murphy – The C-Word
Paul W. Downs – The Paul Downs Syndrome
Shannon O'Neill – Prison Freaks

Best Storyteller
Adam Wade
Tom Shillue
John Flynn
Kevin Allison
Elna Baker
Margot Leitman

Best Musical Comedy Act (Solo or Group)
Adira Amram & The Experience
Ben Lerman
Fearsome presents: Grease 3: Threase
The Gregory Brothers
Stuckey and Murray

Best Comedy Event
Meatsteak Presents Your Favorite Show: TAXI
50 First Jokes
12th Annual Del Close Marathon
The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival
Schtick or Treat

Best Sketch Comedy Group
Harvard Sailing Team
Serious Lunch
Two Fun Men

Best Improv Group
2 Square
Big Black Car
Adsit & Gausas
Death By Roo Roo

Best Podcast
RISK! True Tales, Boldly Told
In the Tank
The Comedy Nerds
UCB Podcast
Keith and The Girl

Best Variety Show
Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen
Righteous Kill
The Chris Gethard Show

Best Host
Chris Gethard
Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal
Nick Turner & Jason Saenz
Sean Crespo & Dan Wilbur
Seth Herzog

Best Comedic Video (Short or Series)
Please Give Me One Million Dollars – Craig Rowin
Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer – BriTANick
BP Spills Coffee –
Broad City – Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson and Rob Michael Hugel
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On – Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp

Best Book
Get Psyched – Rob Lathan and Will Hines
I Don't Care About Your Band – Julie Klausner
Look at This Fucking Hipster – Joe Mande
Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk – Jason Roeder, Mike Sacks, Ted Travelstead, Scott Jacobson, and Todd Levin

Best Website

Best Technician
Beowulf Jones
Frank Hejl
Katey Healy-Wurzburg
Marcus Parks
Mike Cirelli

Best Flyer or Postcard Design
Broad City @ 92YTribeca – Abbi Jacobson
Heart of Darkness – Dima Drjuchin
Lasers in the Jungle -Mindy Tucker
Rubber Bullets – Scott Moran
The Paul Downs Syndrome – Paul Downs

Best Tweets



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