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Michael Showalter talks about his new book Mr. Funny Pants, "You really have no idea whether or not what you're writing is funny. In stand-up and sketch comedy, you know right away and you can make your changes accordingly." [Salon]

Michael also talked about the tone of the book, "Ultimately the book is just silly. I just want it to be something that people find offbeat and alternative." [EW]

If you're sitting there thinking we only have two Michael Showalter interview links today, you are dead wrong, "If you talk to other people from The State, I think a lot of people will tell you this: that we weren’t comedy nerds." [Punchline Magazine]

If you're sitting there thinking we don't have a link to an audio excerpt of Michael reading his book, you are double dead wrong. [Vanity Fair]

Rob Corddry and Kevin Hart have both been cast in Party Down co-creator Rob Thomas's next project, the single-cam sitcom Little in Common. [Deadline]

Mitch Hurwitz is remaking Lars Von Trier's Direktoren For Det Hele. Translated into English, the title is Not The Arrested Development Movie. [The Wrap]

Steve Carell is set to take another dramatic turn in Dogs of Babel, a movie about a man who tries to teach his dog to speak (so far hilarious) to help find out why his wife died (not as hilarious!) [Deadline]

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are planning a trip to Uganda to visit a Mormon mission, "It's Mormons. It's like the safest thing we can do in Uganda, believe me." Not sure if they're joking, but Godspeed! [GQ]

Leonard Maltin sits down to talk Oscars with undisputed champion Mike Tyson, who's been in movies like Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and The Hangover. [Funny or Die]



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