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Norm Macdonald's Best Oscar Tweets This Week on The Daily Show: Howard Stern
by | comments:

The Oscars were last night, and the tree-hugging commies in Hollywood apparently opted for green limos to deliver them to the red carpet. Which is kind of funny, because a limo is twice the size of a regular car, so gas-mileage-wise it's like the A-listers are pulling up in a fleet of 1993 sedans, but hey, they're trying. Plus, eco-limos run on biofuels, too, and while various biofuels produce varying levels of emissions, they do help us break our addiction to fossil fuel. Biofuels are like methadone, and celebrities shall lead our country through rehab! It's what they do.

Think about it this way, maybe, sorta. (And do not try this at home. Unless you are an A-list celebrity with superhuman powers.)



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