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Larry King, Snoop Dogg and The Situation Among Donald Trump Roasters Comedy Central Presents Speed Dating: Mike Vecchione
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Toph Eggers of The Believer has a customarily awesome, in-depth interview with director/writer/actor David Wain. Here's a taste of what that dude from The State had to say to that little kid from A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

BLVR: Looking through your work, I definitely feel as though there’s something about your personality or how you approach comedy that feels different than most of the people in your field or craft. You just so often see this dark underbelly to most comedians or comedic actors that subtly comes out in their performances, or even while they’re off camera. But with your stuff, it all just seems optimistic and happy and playful.

DW: Yeah, there seems to be. I think that is certainly characteristic of everyone in The State, which is my comedy family. And so there was a certain boisterousness that I was attracted to when I joined The State at NYU. I always responded to that notion of, if it looks like they’re having fun in an inclusive way, then the audience has fun. I think I was a little turned off in New York, in college, going to comedy clubs and seeing one depressed stand-up comedian after another who, especially the lesser ones, were more often than not just undergoing public therapy. Just listing off things that they’re upset about, problems in their lives. That’s not entertaining to me. However, I have great affection for all sorts of comedy—certainly a lot of it that’s sourced in darker places. But yes, it’s true, that’s not what I do, so far.

For more wisdom and insight from the mighty mouth of Wain, check out one of America's finest online periodicals, The Believer.



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