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Before They Get Stale: Johnny Knoxville, Rob Lathan and Rainn Wilson Monday, the Always Sunny Gang Deals with the Bum Problem
by | comments:

What are you doing this weekend? I'm guessing you're probably not watching all 177 episodes of Two and a Half Men back-to-back, because that would be ridiculous. But how about watching a guy who is watching 177 episodes of Two and a Half Men back-to-back while his comedian friends and some porn stars stop by? Now that sounds kind of fun.

That's what comedian and prank-call virtuoso Gil Ozeri is doing. Prior to today, he'd never seen an episode of the Charlie Sheen sitcom, but about five hours ago, he started with season one, episode one and plans to keep on going nonstop through the series' entire seven and a half seasons.

To keep things in the tiger blood spirit, Gil's going to have some porn stars joining him along with Paul Scheer, John Gemberling, Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Emily Strachan and Paul Rust. So, put on a fresh pot of coffee, click here, and keep reminding yourself that can't is the cancer of happen.

[via the comic's comic]

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