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Isla Fisher and Amy Poehler Co-Wrote a Movie Donald Trump Is Ready When You Are
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Anthony Jeselnik (who will be a roaster at next Tuesday's Roast of Donald Trump) on his sharp one-liners, "People just fill in the blanks with their imagination and think it’s the fucking meanest thing you can say. And it’s just twenty-five words in a row." [Splitsider]

Katie Couric did a piece on CBS Sunday Morning about Funny or Die and their recent success. Today, she stars in a Funny or Die video on their homepage. Coincidence or conspiracy?! [Comic's Comic]

Chris Rock talks about taking a break from stand-up to star in a Broadway play, "I'll be able to take my kids to school, eat with them some days, even take them to an activity. And I'll be home in time to watch Letterman." [USA Today]

Charlie Sheen was officially fired from Two and a Half Men today. That dude is totally winning! at getting fired. [TMZ]

Dave Koechner hosts a new web-series for Jason Bateman and Will Arnett's DumbDumb production company, which produces Internet video content for companies to advertise their product, from inside a Denny's. [College Humor]

Jerry Seinfeld was on The Tonight Show last Thursday. After the taping, he was interviewed along with warm-up comic Jimmy Brogan and Jay Leno, reminiscing about old times. [Hulu]

Hank Azaria will star in the NBC single-camera sitcom pilot Free Agents. [TV Line]



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