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The Daily Show's Best Celebrity Meltdown Moments This Week on The Daily Show: Rand Paul, Matt Stone and Trey Parker
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Sad news in the world of comedy today as Punchline is reporting that stand-up Mike DeStefano passed away last night after suffering a heart-attack. Known for his brutal honesty, Mike had a real breakout year in 2010 with his own Comedy Central Presents special and a slot alongside Jim Norton, Rich Vos and Robert Kelly on Comics Anonymous. Anyone familiar with Mike's act is aware that he had overcome some significant personal strife, which just adds to the sting of this truly great loss. Naturally, our thoughts are with Mike's friends and family in this difficult time.

For more from Mike DeStefano, you can head over to Atom where he did a web series, and here's a short interview we did with him early last year. Also, his appearance on Marc Maron's WTF podcast is excellent.



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