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Louis C.K. Named Comedy Person of the Year Tonight: SportsDome Covers Tim Duncan's Shocking Revelation
by | comments:

I hate vegans more than anybody — I eat their hemp and prank phone call their wives, that's how deep my hate runs. But Louis Katz despises them and their tofurkey more than I. He also hates hippies, salads and Hanukkah gifts. Discover more about Louis by reading this interview, watching his Comedy Central Presents this Friday, March 11 at 11/10c and the preview clip after the jump. Meanwhile, buy a fur coat and take a bite out of a gyro.

First Aunt Viv or second Aunt Viv?
I'd like Aunt Viv first. Thanks for asking. This is the most well-organized family gang bang I've ever been to.

What is your spirit animal?
The deer on the Jagermeister bottle (even though I'm Jewish and he's obviously a devout Christian).

Which subject were you best at in grade school?
Making up excuses to shit in the main office bathroom.

Do you like men/women with pets?
I don't care if a tranny has pets, as long as he/she has a full C-cup and at least 6 inches of clit.

What do you do when you are not doing comedy?
Masturbate. To comedy albums. Have you heard Albert Brooks' Comedy Minus One? It's like an ear bukkake…

Go to the Huffington Post for an exclusive clip from Louis's special.

Comedy Central Presents Louis Katz premieres Friday at 11/10c, followed by Comedy Central Presents Jay Larson.

Louis Katz's debut album If These Balls Could Talk is available now.



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