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Tonight: SportsDome Covers Tim Duncan's Shocking Revelation Daniel Tosh Crosses His Own Line of Decency
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Today's piece of Futurama fan art is a personalized credit card that references a scene from season 6, episode 3, "Attack of the Killer App." Of course, you already knew that. But what you might not know is it's also a fool-proof Futurama-nerd dating tool, because if you use this card every time you make a purchase, the cashier will almost always ask what it means. But eventually, maybe, just maybe, you might hand over the card to someone who looks at it and gets the joke on their own. And that's when you've found yourself a nerd soul-mate.

Of course, any true Futurama fan knows Visa hasn't existed for 500 years.

This came from Reddit where a commenter linked to his/her own, more subtle Futurama charge card. You can see that one after the jump.

New episodes of Futurama begin in June. In the meantime, visit the official site for clips and upcoming air-times.

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