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Colbert Really Wants an iPad 2 Before They Get Stale: Anthony Jeselnik, Chris Rock and Charlie Sheen
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Hilarious ladies Isla Fisher and Amy Poehler (who also happen to be married to hilarious gents Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Arnett, respectively) have written a comedy together called Groupies. Fisher and Poehler are also set to executive-produce.

Fisher told CTV it's all part of her plan to "have a little bit more power and control over my career."

When asked how her script is developing, Isla replied: "Oh you mean ‘Groupies'? After ‘Wedding Crashers' I was just surprised as to the lack of comedic female material there is. So I had to start working and getting stuff out there for myself.

"‘Groupies' is pretty close to being ready and I've got another movie called ‘Life Coach' which I've been working on. Hopefully one of them will go soon. It's more frustrating being in development than it is just to be cast in something. It's a lot of things involved."

The movie will follow the adventures of a pair of rock groupies, played by Fisher and Poehler.

Meanwhile, also revealed in the article is the surprising and heretofore unknown fact that Isla Fisher used to write romance novels.



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