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My only complaint with The Wire was its lack of puppets. Sure, the Baltimore police department and the DA office had their proverbial puppets, but I really could have used some felt and glitter in there. Thank goodness for and Waverly Films' latest creation, The Fuzz — a mix of dark drama and puppets. I was able to see a sneak peek of the series last night and it was both violent and adorable.

The Fuzz follows a rookie puppet detective as he's thrust into the middle of an active puppet crime syndicate. Featuring the voices of Reggie Watts and Jon Benjamin, humans and puppets interact in the seedy underbelly of a NYC/Sesame Street world. There are hookers, pimps, songs about drug dealing and puppet brains splattered on walls (aren't you curious what that looks like?)

Watch the first episode of the series below and new episodes every weekday from March 9-15 at It's just so cute and disturbing.



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