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The Always Sunny Gang Goes Viral Seth MacFarlane on Donald Trump's Midas Touch
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Louis Katz shares some advice with comics who move to New York, "Don't just limit yourself to the clubs or the alt scene. Try and get up in as many different places as possible." [Comic's Comic]

Reggie Watts keeps a diary of his meals, "It's better to perform on an empty stomach — it just feels better. You just feel like a leaner machine." [Grub Street]

Shane Mauss was on Conan last night to talk about how time-travel is a complicated subject. "Stephen Hawking tried to think about it, ended up in a wheelchair!" [Team Coco]

BriTANicK recruited Community's Danny Pudi for the sequel to their classic viral video A Monologue for Thee. [BriTANicK]

The Friar's Club Improv + Sketch Competition is back and accepting submissions! [Friar's Club]

Gil Ozeri's war diary from watching all of Two and a Half Men over two and a half days is pretty harrowing stuff. [Splitsider]

Greg Mottola talks about Paul, his new movie with Simon Pegg and Nick Forst, "I’d like to believe it’s a slightly more soulful movie than people expect from the trailer." [NY Times]

Danny McBride and Jody Hill say the third season of Eastbound and Down will be the last one, "We never really had an interest in turning the show into anything traditional." [EW]

Kristen Wiig talks about not worrying about people's reactions when she's creating SNL characters, "The first time that I did [Gilly], my mom, the next day was like, 'Oh, I did not like that. That new character you did, I did not like her!'" [Movieline]

Tim Heidecker on the approach to creating Tim and Eric, "I know that we don't do anything flippantly. We don't do anything without great care and thought and concern. It's just a personal show." [Tiny Mixtapes]



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