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The Wall Street Journal has been doing some pretty neat comedy coverage lately, and they've added a lovely and informative interview with Mr. Marc Maron about his ultra-successful podcast. Here he is on the topic of how personal he gets with his guests:

I’ve had plenty of guests who don’t want to go certain places and I can sense that. You don’t need to, you know? I’m perfectly willing to just talk about whatever, and just keep engaged and keep it funny and keep it as real as possible. I certainly don’t want guests to start thinking before they come on the show, “OK, I really have to find a dark memory so I can connect with Marc.” Sometimes that happens, sometimes that doesn’t.

Speaking of that podcast, if you haven't already, you should really check out WTF with Marc Maron for yourself. Trust me when I tell you not to miss his recent interview with watermelon tormentor Gallagher.



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