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There's No Such Thing As 'Too Soon' for Gilbert Gottfried This Week on The Colbert Report: Michael Moore
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You still have time to make it to the special Greg Giraldo Children's Fund shows, featuring Robert Kelly, Andy Kindler, Todd Barry, Michael Ian Black and more! [Gotham Comedy Club]

Sarah Silverman shares her five favorite dirty jokes, "The man turns to the woman and says, 'Can I smell your vagina?' The woman said, 'NO!' The man says, 'Oh. Then it must be your feet.'" [AV Club]

Speaking of, Sarah talks about complimenting her by saying she's the 'funniest female comedian,' "Do you say that Chris Rock’s the funniest black comedian when you see him? It’s such an odd thing." [Movieline]

In his panel at SXSW, Paul Reubens talks about his comedy career and the origins of Pee Wee. [Comic's Comic]

Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schur talks about his problem with reviews based on pilots, "The obvious analogy is that you don’t read the first eight pages of a book and then talk about whether the book works or not." [AV Club]

Community writer and Onion alum Megan Ganz explains the goals of both comedy powerhouses, "You just have to get as many jokes in as possible, that's the goal." [Splitsider]

We've told you Lorne Michaels is producing a new sitcom for NBC created by former SNL writer Emily Spivey starring Christina Applegate. It was recently announced that Maya Rudolph will co-star as well. [Deadline]

Speaking of SNL writers, congrats are in order to Second City alum Matt Craig for landing a job as a writer for the show! [LFNYISN]

Bob Saget talks about getting over people's expectations from being a TV Dad, "Now, I think, just about everyone who comes to one of my shows knows they're about to be entertained and see all kinds of R-rated humor." [Freep]



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