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Before They Get Stale: Will Arnett, Bret McKenzie and Marc Maron Craig Robinson Addresses the Children at The Comedy Awards
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It's April Fool's Day again, which means it's time for a bunch of pranks that no one really falls for, because they're happening on April Fool's Day, but are usually still kind of funny anyway. So, let's take a look at some of the better gags that are being pulled on the Internet today.

First up, Funny or Die, which went all Bieber all the time last year, this time goes all Rebecca Black all the time. It is Friday, after all.

More pranks, jokes, zingers and boners after the jump.

Google famously launched GMail on April 1 and today they announced GMail Motion, which allows you to compose emails just with your body movements.

Airline Ryanair is pretending to offer child-free flights, which actually seems like something that already exists, but I guess it doesn't, otherwise this wouldn't be a joke. Someone's bound to do it for real now though, right?

someecards is parodying the New York Times with a reverse paywall that only charges people who don't come to the website.

Kodak has introduced Photo Tattoos. 8x10s are only $69.99!

Groupon claims to have patented April Fool's Day (though they spell it April Fools' Day, because for some reason there's no consensus on this) and have issued cease and desists to many of the other site mentioned.

Virgin has purchased Pluto and had it reclassified as a planet. Our long, inter-solar-system nightmare is over.

IGN announced a gritty Harry Potter TV series. Sorry, nerds.

If you Google "Helvetica" the results come back in Comic Sans.

ThinkGeek is pretending to sell everything from a Playmobil Apple Store to Angry Birds Pork Rinds.

Another one in the this-probably-actually-exists-somewhere category, Ikea Australia is advertising a highchair for dogs.

Starbucks Mobile Pour lets you order coffee anywhere on your cellphone, and a barista on a scooter will deliver it to you.

And finally, Hulu has gone retro complete with fake dial-up noises and an all-90s lineup.

I know these aren't all of them. If you saw a good one that I missed, drop it in the comments, and I'll give you a million dollars. April Fools! Totally nailed you.



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