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Will Ferrell Has a Yard Sale In "Everything Must Go" Trailer April Fool's Day Roundup
by | comments:

Will Arnett is joining Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph in a pilot produced by Lorne Michaels and created by SNL alum Emily Spivey. Not a bad pedigree! [THR]

Cheat is a short film starring, written and produced by Bill Burr, Robert Kelly and Joe DeRosa, who directed the movie. The trailer for it is online, but I'm sure there will be a way for all of us to watch the whole thing in the near future. [Punchline]

Want to catch a big name star at a comedy club? Here are some tips for accomplishing your mission. The only thing left out is straight-up stalking. [Dead Frog]

Did you know Bret McKenzie was in Lord of the Rings for three seconds as a now-cult character named Figwit? Apparently, Peter Jackson has asked him to reprise his role in The Hobbit. Or it could be an April Fool's Day joke. I hate today! [Slash Film]

First they came for UCB East's Hot Chicks Room sign, and I said nothing. Then they came for UCB East's red curtains, and still I said nothing. The locals where Upright Citizen's Brigade theater is setting up a second location are the worst neighbors! [DNAinfo]

The full trailer for The Hangover II is online, and the baby has been recast as a monkey. I can't decide if I like babies more than monkeys. This is my "Does the totem stop spinning?"[Pop Eater]

If you haven't heard the WTF with Marc Maron episode that came out yesterday, consider this a public service announcement, Marc recounts the tale of being asked to meet with Charlie Sheen to help him with his comedy tour. [WTF Pod]

Here's another public service announcement. Don't smoke. April Fools! The real public service announcement is that Crackle has added select Seinfeld episodes to their streaming collection. [Punchline]



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